Success Stories


Baby Prints

Sucheta was inspired by her daughters to start “Baby Prints” Brand. She founded the opportunity in Quality bedding/ Quilts to full fill her dreams. Since the market was flooded with synthetic products for babies. She felt the need of organic products like Quilts, Cushions, bolsters & beddings for the just born kids with the baby prints brand was born.

With the U.S.P of using organic Raw materials she could position herself in a completive market.


Group of Biotech Companies

Dr. S.Dravida is an technocrat, an Experimentalist turned successful Entrepreneur of “Transcell group of Biotech Companies” Based in Hyderabad.

Transcell is into Bio Banking, R & D, of drug discovery for (Oncology & Neuro) and regenerative medicine, Muscular dystrophies & Periodontal diseases based on adult stem cell technologies platforms in India.

Transcell Biologics is a Biotech firm which is also into developing new drugs for Alzheimers, Parkinsons, diseases and for cancers disruptively on its Proprietary, Patient source sterm cell derived real time Predictive Platform technology.


What started as an hobby in her early age at home has became a business model. Mrs Sarita Shukla put her ideas into reality. Initially started with handicrafts and moved an on to canvas Paintings, on wood, designing and decorating glass bottles, making metal items, plywood items etc. Her daughter Ms. Vidita Shukla a graduate in fashion designing and creativity joined hands with her mother to scale up the business both in National and International markets, with bulk orders.


Katukuri Jyoti having a postgraduate Diploma in the fields of Medicinal Botany, started “Naareemann creations” Keeping in mind, to substitute the plastic with natural hand made products, with the true Indian traditional values.

She felt the need of handmade products like bamboo, wooden vases and natural house decors with Eco Green revolution. They also focused on Gifting Medicinal Plants for different Occasions rather than the routine ones.

She felt the need for giving back to the society by starting up an N.G.O. She also Encourages Women by promoting their products through Naareemann Website.


Ind. Millet Foods – Start-up Co-founders started their Journey in the year 2014. Doing an EDP and Food Processing course in ALEAP.

ALEAP Incubation became a plat form for these three individuals to come together to join hand and start a product called “RIGDAM” which is into Millet based food Products, Which are available Online and off line in Markets.

The Trio’s were awarded by Telangana State by IIMR – ICAR and Millet Fraternity of India for the best Start up Innovative Product and so on.


Dr. Mahalakshmi founder and Managing Partner “Lyo florals – forever Memories” is a L.L.P Company. Registered with MNES in September 2016 under agriculture and floro culture. A Micro Enterprise with a value addition to flowerst through new and Innovative Process methodology Started with initial Investment of 22 Lakhs. Preservation of flowers for in its unpershable state for years involves technicalities of Science and art. “Lyo florals”, flowers are preserved using advance Preservation Process with Lypohilisation technology to dehydrate using the Patented Process and encased into Transparent cases.

Dr. MahaLakshmi can also preserve most of the variety of tropical flowers and use them to create premade Gifts. Technology attracts Export markets also.

Website :


From home maker with no experience of business turned to manage a family business of “Dry- Cleaning and Laundry industry” Which was there since 1960. Her husband Mr. Nethi had health issues and took a retirement form the business. Mrs. Annapurna felt a need to continue the business since they had a long presence in the market and she did not give-up there.

Laundry Industry which was challenging with man powers, competitors, technology & market trends, was not an easy task for a home maker to take up such a big challenge and Survive. She found a ray of hope with ALEAP supporting her. by accessing finance through bankers, with a loan of 35 Lakhs for New business of “Laundry-Basket”. [ Now with modern dry cleaning & Laundry plant, skilled Employeer the state-of-the art automated equipment, and high level of product & service Quality, She proved her mettle as successful Entrepreneur. ]


Sai Kartikeya Jute Products founder Mrs. Lakshmi a girl from ordinary family whose parents stopped her studying, when she was in 10th class and trained her in domestic work and got her married. She became a mother of a child, She was good at creativity and had zeal to do something. Incidently when she was watching T.V. ALEAP’S Programme was shown. She was told that no education is required to start an industry. There was a strong determination to pursue her dream as an Entrepreneur with a saving of Rs. 50,000 and with her husbands Encouragement, she started her company which is into Jute bag Making . Presently availed a loan of Rs 20 Lakhs from Canara Bank and Employed 15 people in her company. This shows the confidence of Lakshmi Sowmya a home maker turned Entrepreneur.


Green Art Box

A Lux Packing is a brand of “Green Art Box” Pvt. Ltd. Limited established in the year 2011.

The Same was founded by Mrs. Silpa Linga Reddy along with the co-founders Padma Lata. Pulla and Pawan Kumar Pulla.

Their team of 60 with cummulative experience of 30 years in the industry, they are one stop for design, development and Manufacturing Premium rigid Gift boxes for industry verticals like (Confectionary, mobiles, spirits & Luxury Accessories) Dadus, Karachi, Celkon, Luis-Philips, are the few brands they supply to Green Art Box is doubling their revenues year by year and also provide Employment to majority of woman. They are also into Exports to Australia, U.S, for Luxury Accessories and Chocolate Industry Since 2016.


Haritha Vemuri a lady from Visakhapatnam started “Vasu-Enterprises” making Readymade garments. She started with 50 industrial machines for Production by providing employment for Skilled people. She has tied up with ALEAP to provide textile training to unemployed women, vasu enterprises also successfully completed the training Programme of SEEKHO AUR KAMO. Programme Ministry of Minorities with 120 minority Candidates.

She not only gives training but also absorbs, the trained people in to her Industry.


My participation in Entrepreneurship Development Training program conducted by ALEAP has given me inspiration and through knowledge in acquiring entrepreneur skills, made me a first generation women entrepreneur. We established ice block manufacturing unit at Green Industrial Park. Ghambheeram in year 2015. This ICE block manufacturing project has selected after extensive study and field survey found potential opportunity for an entrepreneur in Visakhapatnam costal region. After land allotment we established the plant within 10 months period including all clearances, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. Our major customers are food product packers at fishing harbor and aqua processing units. They have employed 10 members team with current year turnover 8 million. They are planning to foray in cold chain solutions also.

Apna Bhoomi

A Lady who was called as Kabbadiwala & Raddiwala and nobody wanted to work with her. Today she started to a venture in E-waste management and conless saying, moving from Techie world to waste management was not a easy task. To set up a firm in red category sourcing of E-waste and logistics to serve Urban-house holds, Gone are those days disposing of old-Radio , Repairing of Grinders & Mixies was unthinkable in India.

Mrs. Leena with 15 years of IT Experience made it happen her bit for the environment and her efforts paid off as time progressed. “APNA BHOOMI “started getting recognized with unique project valet recycling, disposing of E-waste at door step. Her customers started planning requisite via. E-mail, calls & whats- app for E-waste picking, Their focus is to reach bulk generators and support from Government agencies.

Sri Surya Home Foods

Mrs. Kaza Padmavati is a house wife from a traditional family. As a mother her quest was only to give healthy & nutritions food for her growing children, She recognized the Nutritious value from Sprouted and roasted grains.

Thus an Enterpreneur Sprouted from Padmavati’s quest and a business plan evolved. She took training at CFTRI in food Processing, She developed a product of “ Ragi Malt” ( All grain sprouted, roasted, tasty & Nutritious flour).

With the Encouragement from family & friends Padmavati started her business in small batches and started Supplying in local markets. Demand for the product grew nationally & Internationally. Padmavati want to expand her product line to “ ready to eat” Nutritious Sprouted Snacks for the growing children & fast Paced working Professionals.

Persun Technologies

Ms. Geeta Saranya is a graduate, She has a couple of years experience in the field of software. Innovative at heart & wanted to design an unique product with modern manufacturing technologies made her resign her job and become a start-up Enterpreneru. Thus “Persun technologies” was born. As an Environmental contious individual, she choose Recycling of Plastic. Her Products are “Recycled Plastic granules“, “Recycled Plastic Lumps” and P.V.C Pipes. Geeta Saranya says she had became successful enterpreneur with the support of ALEAP during her transition period that is from employee to employer. With the same support she wants to Globalise her products under the Brand name “Sugeetha design Technologies”. Her U.S.P is quality oriented plastic recycling and developing 3D Printing design technologies.

Ramya Garments

Mrs. B. Padma Rani had a strong desire to do something and be on her own. With her little knowledge of stiching & tailoring she had set up her business in a rental premises with 4 machines under the name “Ramya Garments“ Initially they made uniforms and supplier to schools, colleges & hospitals Getting orders was a very difficult task. for her she felt Running business in rental premises was not viable one, to grow and expand ALEAP Supported Padma Rani by allotting land in the industrial Estate at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. ALEAP Even helped her in getting financial loan and giving training to her work force, Empowernment of women is created.

Padma scaled her business from 4 machine to 40 machines to day and giving employment to 40 people. Today she not only makes uniform but also makes Ready made fashion garments.

Amaravathi Apparels

House wife turned Entrepreneur Gomathi Rama Swamy is the proud owner of “Sri Amaravathi Apparels”, Established in the year 2011. With the capacity of making 500 pieces of shirts per day. To get skilled man power was Gomathi’s Challengs. Solution for her problem came in the form ALEAP MOT training programme, these skilled women from ALEAP are absorbed in Amaravathi Apparels, business grew leaps and bounds from them.

[Thank you ALEAP. This much of Co-operation is more than enough for a start-up]

Siva Foods

Siva food was started in the year 2016 by Mrs. Bhuma Lakshmi sunitha in a rental premises at surampalli industrial Estate at Vijayawada.

She started making edible sunflower oil and other food items under the brand name “ Smart Gold”.

The Risk taking nature of Lakshmi Sunita and hand holding support given by ALEAP made her strong Enterpreneur and thinking of expanding her business in various places.

Mind Tech

Mrs. Lalitha in computer sciences is a managing director of “ Mind tech” drives futuristic, innovative & Advanced technologies and processes Her Strong skill of coding, digital design & Validations along with sound knowledge of science drives, her to keep the company in the best forefront position. Her Research & Development along with Technical Skills resulted in next generation scientific, monolithic apartments to transform real estate into real engineering estate ( Rocket science, Robotics, Automation, Artificial intelligence, Huma interfacing and immersed interactive virtual reality). Many exicing projects are in pipe line.

Lalitha technical skill is her competence.

Haritha Transformers

Mrs. T. Anasurya Devi,(Maths) is the managing partner of “ Haritha transformers”. She and her husband felt Andhra Pradesh is a state of opportunity. to start her transformer Industry in the year 2015. They started the business with Bank loan of 1 crore as project cost.

Their success mantra is their Quality control production and Quality after services. They supply transformers to Industries, Hospitals, apartments. In two years the business touched 4 crores turnover. In the period of 5 years, She wants to positions herself with 10 crores turnover.

With her strong Enterpreneurship skills, she thanks ALEAP to help her in recognizing her potential and making her aware of various Government Schemes, Subsidies and benefits .

Eurth Techtronics Privated Limited

Mrs.Lavanya with her spectacular Journey of Enterpreneurship from home maker to M.D of her company “ Eurth Techtronics”. She and her husband working in MNC’S found a scope in of energy saving in the form LED’S, which can make & bring a change to the world. Established an indigenous, R&D centre and an LED Lights Manufacturing unit at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. She learned the way of dealing life in a hard practical way. Eurth Techtronics produces 75 types of lights. With energy saving and also does energy saving solutions for Aqua & Hydrophonic Industries. They can illuminate the remote villages with their LED Products.

Lavanya has a great visions to change many lives of women in rural village and talented urban youth.

Buddu Brush

Mrs. B. Sujatha started her industry “ Buddu Brush” in the year 2008. At Surampalli industrial estate at Vijayawada. Sujatha had 15years of Experience in trading business before she turned Enterpreneur. With an investment of 10 lakhs and manpower of 10 people she started making floor cleaning brushes, like floor maps, wipes, R.C Brushes, toilet brushes.

Sujatha, Experience, hard work and her continuous pursuance made her graph go upwards in terms of turn over & manpower.

Sujatha Approached ALEAP for more land to Expand her activities is itself an enough proof for her success.

Innovative Rural Services

Innovative Rural Services has emerged as a marketing and sales organization for rural people, to market their products of self Help Groups (SHG). They also identify the essence of traditional products which has great medicinal values & which were used by people of olden days.

Innovative Rural Services started their journey at chirala in Andhra Pradesh, Innovative Rural Services identified 20 different products having Ayurvedic & traditional values & especially home made ones . Their products are marketed under the name “ Graminum”. Their flagship product is Ajwain water ( Vamu water). Their products are available in 10,000 retail outlets in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Tamilnadu. Innovative Rural Services Success reflects from their certifications like AYUSH, GMP and FSSAI.

Mrs. Vatukulla Krishna Veni is the women of Substance behing the success ofInnovative Rural Services.

Sanwariya sales


Shruti Joshi is young graduate with 2year of experience in I.T. industry. Shruti likes travelling and visited many countries. The entrepreneur streek in her noticed the display of Gold plated articles, whether were used to gift Royal guest by Dubai Sheikh and other Gulf countries.

She noticed the potential market of these 24 KT product in India. Worked on the Project of importing these articles. Started a company “ Sanwariya Sales” and marketed the articles under the brand Name “ Aarya 24 KT”. The showroom was inaugurated by honourable Home minister of Telagana.

She noticed the potential market of these 24 KT product in India. Worked on the Project of importing these articles. Started a company “ Sanwariya Sales” and marketed the articles under the brand Name “ Aarya 24 KT”. The showroom was inaugurated by honourable Home minister of Telagana.

Today “ Aarya 24 KT” articles are much sorted one’s for gifting for decorative purposes.

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