Cluster Projects

Cluster Projects

Pottery Cluster


Pottery Cluster, Gajulapet

with the help of traditional artisans from the ‘Kummari’ Community, the pottery cluster manufacturesvarious artistic, contemporary, and classic pottery products using the latest technology. The ‘Kummari’ Community artisans are members of thecluster unit members as they come with traditional know-how.

The proposed cluster includes artisans from the Mandals of Mahabubnagar Rural (Gajulapet Village), Musapet, Addakal, and Boothpur of the Mahabubnagar district of Telangana State.

ALEAP’s Interventions:

Water tumblers & bottles; storage cans; cookware; designed pottery products; decorative items/products; Painted pottery items; jewelry (earrings, beads, etc.).

Lemon Glass Cluster

ALEAP is encouraging the farmers of Wanaparthi and surrounding villages to grow lemongrass by providing the required training to extractlemongrass oil, thereby helping the farmers setup small-scale units for extraction. Cultivating lemongrass also facilitatescrop rotation and improvesfarmers’ livelihood and income. The oil extracted is processed, packaged, and delivered through state-of-the-art facilities using the latest technologies to ensure superior quality is retained.

Narayanpet Cluster

Naraynpet is a small town popular for its silk and cotton sarees, gold and silver ornaments, red bricks, black wool, and several other products. Sarees from Narayanpet are made from either pure cotton or by mixing silk with cotton. These six-yard drapes flaunt simple traditional borders in contrasting colors with specially designedpallus. Aleap identified otherscalable products from this cluster, like aroma and therapeutic soaps, nutribars, etc.Our organizationoffers design interventions, innovative packaging, and market support to the artisans and sellers of the Naraynpet cluster.

Banana Fiber Cluster

  • I out Pvt. Ltd came forward to promote the banana fiber cluster in and around the Krishna & Guntur Districts and to set up a processing unit at ALEAP Industrial estate, Vijayawada.
  • The cluster members first extract Musa fiber from banana crop residue as part of the project.Then, theMusa fiber is blended with other natural fibersto make yarns.
  • As a byproduct of introducing such blended yarn into advanced textile applications.
  • ALEAP’srole here is to assist the cluster members in setting up the machinery/equipment required for Musa fiber extraction, splitting and blending Musa fibers with other natural fibers, and collaborating with larger textile fabrication companies.

Future project plans

  • Yarn production for advanced textile applications
  • Utilize of dried barks for making household goods
  • Using banana stem pulp waste as raw material for making paper

Socks Cluster

Healthy Socks Cluster

AIC ALEAP We-Hub introducedthe “Socks Cluster” concept to connect six dynamic women startups who came up with the idea of making a variety of cotton socks. The socks cluster is hosted within the premises of ALEAP Industrial Estate,Pragathi Nagar, with M/s AGS IMPEX Private Limited as a corporate partner for mentoring socks production and designing skillsand providing marketing connections and Technical support.

We have incubated these startups by providing the necessary entrepreneurial skills and funding from Public Sector Banks like Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, and Allahabad Bank. Startups receive subsidies under the PMEGP scheme of Govt. of India, and our AIC supports the finishing unit.

Current Events

Shri. Narendra Modi ji visited ALEAP incubate stall Santoshi, Autocracy machinery pvt.Ltd, on the occasion of Mahakumbh utsav on 20.03.2025

She is the first speaker at the round table with the most experience and as a visionary leader in the entrepreneurship and incubation sector. She shared Aleap's journey and achievements and also gave exemplary inputs and feedback to the MeitY and other new incubators. 19.03.2024

In partnership with CRB and UNDP, ALEAP organized a workshop on Shifting Gears: Advancing Sustainability Amongst SMEs today at Aleap Industrial Estate for Agri SMEs

In partnership with the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP-India), ALEAP is organizing a workshop titled, ‘Shifting Gears: Advancing Sustainability Amongst Indian Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)’. 24th - 26th April 2024

25th April - - World Bank Visit: Showcase of Best Practices, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (visit of ALEAP Industrial Estate, Hyderabad).Ms. Bremala Nathan Sr. Agricultural Specialist Global Practice for Agriculture and Food The World Bank NW Washington DC • Ms. Maithreyi Rajasingam B.Sc. GDL (Lond.) Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn) & Attorney-at-Law Executive Director, Viluthu & Chair, BEES Network, Sri Lanka.

We thank everyone who joined us for Grand opening of the 'Rural Mart for SHG Women & Artisans' at Ashoka One Mall, Hyderabad - a platform bridging rural artisans to urban markets, supported by NABARD and organized by ALEAP.