The digital marketplace - I WE KART

The digital marketplace - I WE KART(Free onboarding for the first 10,000 women entrepreneurs)
E-commerce: A stimulus for development

I WE KART is a connected commerce plug-and-play platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase person-to-person commerce and sell their products and services beyond regions, territories, and nations. Conversations with consultants, investors, and entrepreneurs show that the market has been designed with men as customers in key categories such as electronics (which accounts for 75 percent of India's e-commerce market). Barely 10 percent of credit cards are in women's names, who form an even smaller share of owners of new-age tech products. In this junction, WE ITTC, in mutual understanding with eArbor, has developed the e-commerce platform I WE KART. I WE KART aims to strategize trade, keeping women producers in mind. Women e-commerce entrepreneurs are provided with relevant skill training programs and information about the payment procedures. The training will help women entrepreneurs easily categorize legal and regulatory frameworks and list and sell their products and services.

For women-owned MSMEs, the potential to benefit is even greater. E-commerce offers women the liberty to work from home while expanding a business. I WE KART isworkingto identify and improve the skills of entrepreneurs and create an e-commerce-ready environment. Providing coaching and mentoring opportunities to enhance their knowledge and expertise enables women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in the digital space.

I WE KART is an e-commerce platform thatprepares women entrepreneursfor digitalization by handholding these entrepreneurs and their organizations through various awareness programs.

ALEAP aims to bring women entrepreneurs to the e-business world for rural and semi-urban entrepreneurs to reach global markets using innovative technologies and brand-building digital strategies.

Current Events

Shri. Narendra Modi ji visited ALEAP incubate stall Santoshi, Autocracy machinery pvt.Ltd, on the occasion of Mahakumbh utsav on 20.03.2025

She is the first speaker at the round table with the most experience and as a visionary leader in the entrepreneurship and incubation sector. She shared Aleap's journey and achievements and also gave exemplary inputs and feedback to the MeitY and other new incubators. 19.03.2024

In partnership with CRB and UNDP, ALEAP organized a workshop on Shifting Gears: Advancing Sustainability Amongst SMEs today at Aleap Industrial Estate for Agri SMEs

In partnership with the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP-India), ALEAP is organizing a workshop titled, ‘Shifting Gears: Advancing Sustainability Amongst Indian Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)’. 24th - 26th April 2024

25th April - - World Bank Visit: Showcase of Best Practices, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (visit of ALEAP Industrial Estate, Hyderabad).Ms. Bremala Nathan Sr. Agricultural Specialist Global Practice for Agriculture and Food The World Bank NW Washington DC • Ms. Maithreyi Rajasingam B.Sc. GDL (Lond.) Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn) & Attorney-at-Law Executive Director, Viluthu & Chair, BEES Network, Sri Lanka.

We thank everyone who joined us for Grand opening of the 'Rural Mart for SHG Women & Artisans' at Ashoka One Mall, Hyderabad - a platform bridging rural artisans to urban markets, supported by NABARD and organized by ALEAP.